Yamaha makes a desktop amp specifically for acoustic pickers

Yamaha mixed up the guitar amplifier space in 2013 when it released three portable modeling amps to the US market, which sat somewhere between performance and practice models. These desktop amps went wireless last year thanks to a built-in Line 6 receiver, and now the company has launched a new model dedicated to acoustic players.

Like its stablemates, the THR-30IIA Wireless 30-watt desktop amplifier rocks a unique look with LEDs that glow through the grille like tubes. It offers authentic modeling of dynamic, tube and condenser acoustic microphones, with a special mode for nylon-stringed instruments as well as a multipurpose flat setting.

There are built-in effects too, including chorus, delay, reverb and compressor, and a three-band EQ for tweaking tone. Yamaha has also included something called Extended Stereo Technology for the stereo reverbs and audio playback through its two 3.5-inch speakers, which is said to result in a better-than-normal-stereo listening experience. Included Bluetooth means that you can use the unit as a portable streaming speaker too.

The 30IIA comes with a rechargeable battery for around five hours of per charge playing, though the output from the speakers does go down to 15 W in mains-free mode. And of course there’s a wireless receiver for the complete cable-free playing experience when a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter is plugged into the instrument output jack of an electro-acoustic instrument. Should you prefer a cabled setup, there’s an input jack on top panel too, along with an XLR combo input connected to a dedicated Yamaha microphone pre-amp to add vocals or for plonking a mic in front of an acoustic’s soundhole.

The THR-30IIA Wireless is designed to go where and your acoustic guitar you go
The THR-30IIA Wireless is designed to go where and your acoustic guitar you go


A USB port around back allows players to record directly to music production software running on a computer or laptop, and the unit ships with Cubase AI for PC or Mac and Cubasis LE for iPad to help get you started. It’s also compatible with Yamaha’s Rec’n’Share mobile app for iOS and Android, which lets musicians record audio and video together with tunes from the music library and share online.

“The THR30IIA Wireless provides acoustic guitar players with a perfect combination of professional-quality sound, fully wireless operation and a stylish, modern aesthetic,” said Yamaha’s Arthur Morin. “With the success of the THR-II series, acoustic players will love the THR30IIA, whether they are using it for practice, playing along to their favorite tracks, recording, or sharing their performances online.”

The THR-30IIA Wireless model goes on sale in November for a suggested retail price of US$869. The video below introduces the unit with the help of the very talented Yvette Young from “math rock” band Covet.

Yamaha THR30IIA Wireless Desktop Amplifier | Yvette Young

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