Snap-on guitar amp gets bigger, more featured and more powerful

Back in 2016, electrical engineer Chris Prendergast launched a Kickstarter project for the JamStack portable guitar amplifier that snapped onto a strap peg and blasted out tones generated by a smartphone. Now the bigger and better second generation has launched.

The Jamstack 2 is promised to be a good deal louder than the first generation, thanks to two custom-designed 2.5-inch speakers driven by a 30-watt Class D pre-amp. Frequency range is reported to be 40 Hz to 20 kHz, sensitivity is 101 dB and impedance is 4 ohms.

Where the original needed a smartphone to deliver digital effects and more, the Jamstack 2 comes with built-in Arm-based effects and a tuner (via LEDs surrounding the control knobs). Players can still wirelessly connect with a smartphone running the system’s companion app or third party music production apps though, for looping, recording and so on. There’s a mount available that will keep your phone within easy reach while playing, so you can tweak tones as you rock out.

The cooked-in SKAA wireless technology serves as both receiver and transmitter, meaning you can wirelessly connect up to three units together for spaced-out stereo, use wireless headphones, feed in another instrument (such as a bass) for accompaniment, and more. It does come with a physical headphone output too, which doubles as a microphone input for vocals or other instruments.

The Jamstack 2 will work on its own, but more features and functionality can be added using the companion mobile app
The Jamstack 2 will work on its own, but more features and functionality can be added using the companion mobile app


When not being used to amplify chops and riffs, the unit can serve as a Bluetooth speaker. Its battery is reported good for six hours per charge, and the unit can serve as a portable smartphone charger too.

If you’ve already got a heavy instrument, like a vintage Les Paul, then adding this 13.78 x 7.08 x 7.48-in (35 x 17.9 x 18.9-cm), 1.76-lb (800-g) box of tricks to the body end could make matters worse, and probably means that seated noodling is best. That said, you can still attach a guitar strap and play while standing.

A bunch of accessories, including a roll cage and wall mount, are also being offered, though issues with Indiegogo’s platform are likely to make these post-campaign options.

The Jamstack 2 campaign has already met its Indiegogo funding target, with a month left to run. Pledges start at CAD 287 (about US$220), and if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in April, 2021. The video below has more.

Jamstack 2 – Live Now on Indiegogo

Source: Jamstack