M-Audio aims USB interfaces at cash-strapped podcasters and musicians

Audio gear maker M-Audio has launched two USB interfaces geared at folks who are looking to break into computer-based recording, podcasting, live streaming and more, without emptying their bank accounts.

Each of the two-channel interfaces is powered over USB and can record 24-bit/48-kHz audio to any Mac, PC or iOS device. And they both come with a software bundle to get the show started, which includes digital audio workstations MPC Beats and a special edition of Pro Tools First, the Xpand!2 synthesis plugin from Air Music Tech, an amp sim plugin from Eleven Lite and 20 Avid plugins.

The M-Track Solo and Duo come bundled with music production software
The M-Track Solo and Duo come bundled with music production software


The M-Track Solo features a single combo XLR/instrument input that rocks the company’s Crystal pre-amp with 48-V phantom power for condenser microphone compatibility. There’s a dedicated input for guitar or bass too, and a stereo line input for cabling up the interface to a digital piano or keyboard synth.

The Duo offers a similar feature set as the Solo, but comes with two combo inputs, has dedicated switches for activating inputs, and the output levels can be tweaked independently.

M-Audio promises lag-free monitoring of all inputs on both devices via the headphone jack or main stereo outputs, and adding parts to an existing recording is made easy thanks to a feature that adjusts the balance between direct inputs and computer software playback.

The M-Track Solo is currently showing as available for pre-order for US$49, while the Duo gets a $69. While these boxes are by no means the only USB interfaces available for audio production, they are pretty feature-packed for the price point. The video below has more.

M-Audio || Introducing the M Track Solo & Duo Audio Interfaces

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