Lime’s old ebike batteries to be repurposed in Bluetooth speakers

With a number of automakers outlining intentions to repurpose old electric vehicle batteries, we’re seeing how these devices can gain a second life after serving their primary purpose. Lime has now revealed similar plans for those powering its electric bikes, which will be recovered and recycled for use in “zero-waste” Bluetooth speakers.

Lime, who this week revealed plans for expansion and added a new ebike to its lineup, is developing these portable speakers in collaboration with sustainable design company Gomi. 1,000 batteries will be sourced from the company’s early generation ebikes that have since been retired, and will be removed, cleaned and re-tested for capacity before being given a second life.

The speakers themselves will feature a marbled casing made from 100 percent recycled plastic waste, which will be available in green, black, blue and white. The upcycled batteries will provide the speakers with a 20-hour life.

The Gomi speaker in blue
The Gomi speaker in blue


“We’re really excited to see how Gomi has managed to give a new, second life to our old batteries,” said Andrew Savage, Vice President of Sustainability at Lime. “Their technical expertise and innovative product line offers an exciting opportunity to re-use parts that would otherwise have been recycled, and turn them into stylish everyday essentials that will last a lifetime.”

The speakers are now on Kickstarter and are priced at £129 (USD$180), with shipping slated for November this year. You can check out the promo video below.

Gomi speaker

Source: Lime