Plugin Picks: 5 Inspiring Free VSTs to Get in April

Spring has sprung and with it comes renewed creative energy.

We think there’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty with new plugins to boost your creativity, especially when they’re free.

So this month we rounded up a handful of brand new free plugins with a special focus on creativity in the studio.

Here’s our free plugin picks for the month of April.

LANDR Samples is now available in plugin format.

The plugin makes it easier than ever to port over samples from LANDR Samples to your DAW.

It also opens up a multitude of creative options with built-in pitch shifting and time stretching features that make it easy to make any sample fit your track’s specific key or tempo.

The plugin is free and it comes with full access to all of LANDR’s sample library including a handful of free sample packs.

If you work with samples in your music productions, this plugin is a must-have.

It’s easier than ever to port over samples from LANDR Samples to your DAW.

IK Media is back with another great free Amplitube amp simulator.

This time around it’s a re-creation of the classic MESA Boogie amp head that’s synonymous with tons of rock, metal and hardcore music.

To get the amp plugin you’ll have to download it through IK Media’s DAW-based Amplitube platform.

Don’t sleep on this limited-time opportunity to introduce a classic, hard-hitting amp simulator to your guitar VST arsenal.

Zebralette is a fairly new free synth VST from U-He.

The Zebralette’s selling point is its unique single oscillator that can cycle through 16 different waves, kind of like a step sequencer would but for waveforms.

Each waveform can easily be sculpted into its own unique and interesting sound—Zebralette essentially opens up a ton of sound design options.

The synth also includes standard ADSR, LFO and effects controls and has settings for polyphony and much more.

It’s a great synth for diving into some interesting sound design, for free!

This is an interesting step multi-effects plugin that turns an audio signal into 16 steps that you can add effects to.

Effects include filters, ring mod, trance gate, flanger, phaser and more. But you can always cycle through 106 factory presets to find an interesting starting point.

Brandulator opens up quite a few interesting creative possibilities—especially because it works with MIDI controls to give you extra control over each effect.

Try this one out if you’re looking for a new way to create glitchy sounds or turn something flat and dry into something strange and unexpected.

LABS from Spitfire Audio is a consistent mainstay on our best-of lists—they put out some of the best free VST instruments on the market right now.

LABS is a free platform that you must download to grab the new LABS Percussion VST.

Once you have LABS you can download LABS’ new percussion instrument.

LABS Percussion comes with a wide selection of professionally record orchestral percussion instruments that you can easily modify, manipulate and use in your music productions.

The samples are meticulously recorded by some of the best in the business over at Spitfire.

Definitely try out LABS Percussion if you’re looking for everything drum hits to bongos, conga, tambourine and clave.

Using free plugins to make your tracks feels good for you and your wallet.

But, with free samples, you can take your tracks to another level on a budget.

LANDR has dozens of new free sample packs for you to try—and they work perfectly with LANDR’s new sampler plugin.

So, don’t forget to grab some free samples on us while you’re on the hunt for those sweet free plugins!