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VSTBuzz offers a 60% OFF deal on the Bute Loudness Normaliser (€115 value) audio plugin from Signum Audio.

Bute Loudness Normaliser will be available for €46 until Midnight on May 3rd. It’s available for macOS 10.9/Windows 7 or higher; 64-bit only.

Plugins like this tend to have two outcomes, they are loved by many and entirely overlooked by many. Admittedly, they don’t deal with the most exciting part of making music, but it’s one of the most critical parts where a lot of mistakes are made.

The goal of Bute Loudness Normaliser is to ensure that you have consistency across all platforms and devices. If you are mastering an album, then you’d use it to ensure consistency across all tracks.

Mastering is a process that is often misunderstood, and it’s too nuanced to cover in a short post. But it’s fair to say there’s more to it than just making sure your audio isn’t too loud. It’s about meeting the required platform/format settings without losing the dynamic and expressive elements of the performance. In other words, you want to avoid level shifting and clipping while ensuring the audience hear your music just as you intended.

Bute Loudness Normaliser takes a complex process and helps you reach target settings in a few clicks. The GUI has five tabs or stages that guide you through the process, starting with the import file tab.

Once your file is uploaded by searching local disks or drag and drop, it’s time to choose a preset. The preset list includes all major streaming and distribution settings, like Netflix, YouTube, Apple, and public radio. You can also create and save user presets.

Next, the plugin will analyze your audio to determine what changes have to be made in order to meet the selected standard. If you’re happy with the data/suggestions, click comply to preset, and you are good to go.

The final stage is to export your new file.

I use Nugen Mastercheck and a few similar plugins already, and this one seems as straightforward as any. I’d love to say everything I ever made was mastered by Bob Ludwig or someone of that nature, but it’s not practical for the average musician.

I think anyone who makes music, YouTube content, podcasts, or anything similar would be well served by this kind of plugin. As well as delivering fast results, they can be great learning tools if you pay attention to how they get the desired results.

More info: Bute Loudness Normalyser (60% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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