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VST Buzz offers a 50% OFF deal on Syntorial by Audible Genius for a limited time. Syntorial (€110) will be available for just €55 until midnight on the 10th of May.

Syntorial is gamified training software with a built-in VST/AU soft-synth (Primer).

Game-style tutorials are pretty common now (read our recent article about EQ Playground by SoundGym), especially with things like digital piano/keyboard apps and so on. Getting a massive gold star or a virtual high-five for a correct answer is an excellent way to keep kids interested as they learn.

Syntorial is a good reminder that game-style learning isn’t just for kids.

The reason I say that is that some still look at it like it’s dumbed-down or a cheat sheet. I’ve never understood why some more traditional musicians/teachers choose to explain things in a way that only people who already know the subject very well can understand.

If something makes learning easier, and you can put what you’ve learned to real use once you take that something away, it’s not cheating, and it’s worthwhile. Music is about opening doors, not shutting up shop, and that’s my complaining over!

Back to Syntorial, it features 199 core lessons, 147 videos, and 129 challenges. The challenges involve recreating hidden patches using the parameters that you’ve learned so far. There are over 700 patches for you to program. They get more complex by adding more parameters as you go.

Syntorial covers a total of 64 synth parameters, so if anything is missing, it’s likely to be a specialized parameter rather than a standard one.

Synths can get pretty complex pretty fast if you focus on the technical/scientific side. While it’s great to understand that stuff, hearing the difference is more important/practical, and that’s what Syntorial teaches.

Beyond the challenges, Syntorial provides tasks that you can carry out on your own hardware or software synths. It also features 39 quizzes that take you through a series of multiple-choice questions to help you remember everything you learn.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, it includes Primer, a VST/AU synth plugin that you can use in your DAW as any other synth plugin.

Once you’ve got the hang of different waveforms, oscillators, filters, ADSR envelopes, LFO’s and so on, you can try some FREE expansion lessons covering popular synths, including Serum, Massive, and the Minimoog Voyager.

Syntorial is compatible with macOS, Windows, and iPad. Your license entitles you to install it on one desktop, one laptop, and one iPad, as long as you own them.

If you aren’t sure it’s for you, a demo version is available.

More info: Audible Genius Syntorial (50% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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