Get 48% OFF Sample Logic Drum Fury 2 @ Audio Plugin Deals

Audio Plugin Deals runs a 48% OFF deal on Drum Fury 2 by Sample Logic, offering the plugin for $69.99 (regular price $129.99) until September 21st.

Sample Logic’s stuff is awesome. They’re one of the first companies I really trusted when I was just starting out – and I wasn’t alone, either. Their Kontakt libraries are massive, robust, both well-thought and laid out, and endlessly tweakable.

For all the stuff out there, Sample Logic’s products always feel like buying an actual instrument.

And this one is no different, Drum Fury 2 being the brand new successor to their flagship sampler.

And as part of their release promotion, they’re currently offering it for $69.99 (nice), a significant reduction from its original price of $129.99.

SampleLogic’s video is pretty exhaustive, but here’s what you’re getting:

  • A ton of samples – 3,426, to be exact, accounting for Drum Fury 2’s respectable but still lean 1.6GB file size.
  • A wide variety – As always, SampleLogic has taken a meticulous and exhaustive approach to this instrument – acoustic and electronic drums, classical percussion, found sounds, world instruments, like whatever a djun djun is.
  • Numerous ways to tweak – An ADSR envelope, a delay, and reverb with a bunch of different premade presets, a compressor, eq (with LFOs!), pitch shifting, and reverse, as well as everything else you would expect from a sampler like this, such as changing start and endpoints.
  • Sample Stretch Mode – Allows a single sample to be stretched and mapped across the keyboard to be played chromatically.
  • Energizer & Polisher – Returning from the original Drum Fury are the Energizer and Polisher modules, two very complex and great-sounding macros – a compressor/saturator/distortion and EQ/saturation/transient enhancement/stereo imager, respectively. Both great tools to get the drums to sit well in both the mix and the mastering stage.

Also, Drum Fury 2 isn’t just a direct upgrade but a proper sequel, so both instruments cover different bases and can easily be used separately or combined.

That’s all rounded out by some of the best user interfaces around. Seriously, Drum Fury 2 looks deceptively simple when you fire it up, but that’s only because everything is so well positioned.

More info: Drum Fury 2 ($69.99 @ Audio Plugin Deals, 1.6 GB download size, Kontakt library)