New ‘West-Coast Synthesis’ Groovebox, Kosmo For Reaktor

nLab Synthesis has introduced Kosmo, an experimental sound generator and groovebox based on Native Instruments Reaktor 6.4.

Taking inspiration from the so-called “West Coast” synthesis and old soviet synthesizers aesthetic, Kosmo employs and simplifies their features to build a 3-track experimental groove-box and sound generator. To explore sound, you can move through folded triangle oscillators, low pass gates, cycling envelopes, random sequencer, chaotic LFOs, XY pad and a set of effects.


  • Three track based experimental sound generator and groove-box
  • 3 Triangle VCOs with Wavefolder, FM and Pitch Quantizer
  • 3 Low Pass Gate filters
  • 3 Cycling Envelope Generators (AD)
  • 3 Pan parameters
  • 3 FX Insert switches
  • Random LFO with Self-Feedback option
  • Multiwave LFO with Symmetry and Chaos randomizer
  • 3 Channels and 8-Step Sequencer with shared Sliders, Steps and Sequence Length
  • XY Pad with automation mode
  • 3 FX modules wired in series (Resonator/Band-Pass Filter, Chorus/Tape Delay, Vintage/Space Reverb)
  • Master section with Saturator and Leveler compressor

Note: Full version of Reaktor 6.4 or later is required.

Pricing and Availability

Kosmo is available now for 20€.