Empress Is A FREE Sample Pack By Slate Digital (Less Than 24 Hours Left)

Slate Digital offers the brand new Empress sample pack for free download. You have to join the waiting list to download the sample pack for free. The offer expires tomorrow (May 5th), so please go grab it quickly.

The Empress pack contains over 500 high-quality royalty-free trapsoul samples. I like trapsoul samples because I find a lot of crossover use for them—especially the 808s, subs, and vocals.

I’ll often take the more nondescript ad-lib style vocals and create synth-like lines with them using Vocal Synth 2 or something similar. Then I can use them in a range of styles from pop to EDM, and most things in between.

The pack breaks down into 7 groups:

  • Vocals
  • Melody stacks
  • Tonal loops
  • 808 & subs
  • Drum loops
  • Drum one-shots
  • MIDI chord progressions

For me, the vocals, 808s, and drum one-shots stand out. You will find some obligatory cheesy lyrics; I believe one line is “what is you waiting for?”. The vocal is absolutely fine; it’s just finding somewhere to use it and then sound unique if you do.

The 808s and drum one-shots stand out to me because I like to create loops more than use pre-packed loops. But it’s also because I can’t ever get enough samples for my MPC. So, if you like some good old finger drumming as I do, you should find plenty of material here.

Whenever I talk about sample packs, I always say take it while it’s free, even if you can’t see any current use for it. You never know when something will come up, and I’d rather it’s sitting on my drive when that time comes.

That’s what I’ll do until every drive I have is fit to burst, at least.

I know opinion is usually divided when it comes to Slate Digital, but I think it’s fair to their samples are always of the highest quality. Plus, as sample packs go, Empress seems to me like one I will end up using sooner rather than later.

To get Empress, all you have to do is submit your email, and you’ll receive a download link.

More info: Slate Digital Empress

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