entropy:EQ+ By Sonible Is FREE With A Loopcloud Trial

Get the entropy:EQ+ ($99 value) linear-phase equalizer plugin by Sonible for FREE when you start a Loopcloud trial.

Loopcloud, if you don’t know yet, is the most extensive sample library in the world, with over 4 million sounds.

It’s more than just a collection of sounds; it’s a platform that allows you to test and combine sounds before you buy, in ways others don’t. It also has a bunch of cool features and effects and works standalone or right inside your DAW. I say these things as a longtime Loopcloud user with few to no complaints.

A trial comes with conditions, like marketing emails up to 3 times per week. I understand why people might find that irritating, but personally, I don’t mind emails from Plugin Boutique or Loopcloud too much.

At a glance entropy:EQ+ doesn’t look too different from any typical EQ plugin. Along the top of the GUI, you have an 8-band linear phase EQ that works like any other. The difference is the Entropy feature, and that’s where Sonible has taken a less than standard approach.

There is an overall Entropy effect, and the 4 middle bands can be Entropy specific when that feature is switched on. The Entropy effect is either pushed up into the positive realm or pulled down into the negative realm.

When positive, it boosts or isolates the transients and atonal frequencies. In the negative realm, it’s boosting the harmonics and reducing the transients.

The amount, strength, and smoothing of the Entropy effect can be adjusting via 3 control knobs beneath the EQ grid.

One of the examples for practical use given by Sonible is when used on a track that relies heavily on the rhythm created by strumming/muting guitar strings. The muted playing has to enhance the groove without becoming overwhelming.

What I like about the Entropy effect is that you can drag it down to give the guitar more body, then activate one of the Entropy specific bands to pull it back up in precisely the right area. What it should leave you with is more body overall while the desired transients are still being enhanced.

It has a blind mode that removes the full spectrum, leaving just the dials, along with your ears, to get things right.

Entropy EQ+ is new to me, but it seems different, and I usually like different. It also appears to have a fairly wide range of uses, and I know at least a handful of them interest me. So, I’m looking forward to checking it out more.

More info: Loopcloud Trial (start a free trial and get the entropy:EQ+ plugin)

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