VCV Rack 2 Update

Developer Andrew Belt, creator of the popular software modular platform VCV Rack, has announced plans for VCV Rack 2.

“I think v2 will bring the greatest update to VCV Rack yet,” says Belt. “It will solve at least half of the criticisms of VCV Rack v1, so the wait will be worth it in the end.”

VCV Rack 2 will include VST2 and standalone versions for $99 ($149 regular price after release sale). Professional support of both versions will be included with your purchase of Rack.

The free version of Rack will be called Rack Community Edition or Rack CE. Source code and builds of Rack CE will be available upon each release.

Updates to the VCV Rack platform will be released to Rack CE a few weeks before the paid version, but it will essentially be the beta ‘release candidate’ version.

Rack CE will be free software (GPLv3), meaning that you have the freedom to run, study, redistribute, and distribute modified copies of the software.

The VCV Rack 2 release date is to be announced.