Cinematic Synthesis With The UDO Audio Super 6

Composer & sound designer Drew Neumann (Æon Flux, The Wild Thornberrys) shared this track, Sinister Six, with all sounds, including percussion and sound effects, created with the UDO Super 6 synthesizer.

Here’s what Neumann has to say about it:

“I spent about a month and a half developing sounds for the Super 6, after which I massively multitracked the synthesizer into Mark Of The Unicorn’s Digital Performer over several weeks time. At first, I tried out a pseudo orchestral intro to see how well my sounds worked together, and then took a joyride through various moods and musical styles.

This Sinister Six piece is an imaginary cinematic journey, heavily influenced by the pioneers of synthesis with a few nods to world music; it showcases the broad stereo binaural effects and the range of the instrument’s capabilities.”