FREE Movie Dialogue Sample Pack Released By GrowlerMusic

GowlerMusic has released Movie Dialogue Vol.2, the second installment of their free movie dialogue sample pack.

One thing that kept me sane during childhood and then later the high school was watching super old horror, sci-fi, and kung fu b-movies.

Something about the terrible absurdity and campiness just spelled peak human condition to me.

Anyway, back in 2007 I watched Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic ‘Night of the Creeps’, possibly the greatest movie ever made and a crowning achievement in high art. Something about that movie made me want to extract the audio track and cut up some of the cooler lines and use them as intros for track.

Now, that’s not something new. Artists have been doing that forever – White Zombie sampled ‘Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!’ on ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65’, Kate Bush sampled ‘Night of the Demon’ on ‘Hounds of Love’, and even the Fab 4 sampled a radio production of ‘King Lear’ on ‘I am the Walrus’.

Entire genres like horror punk and psychobilly are built on starting tracks with some obscure 50s/60s movie sample. Also – early Wu-Tang Clan, anyone?

And it’s no wonder, too – there’s something about the buzzy, mid-heavy sound of older movies that’s just immediately inspiring.

Well, now you don’t have to rummage through dozens of hours of terrible old movies (though you should) to find usable stuff.

GowlerMusic are offering a pack of 50 samples – featuring both dialogue and FX from various old movies and shows, completely free to download AND royalty-free – a great way to kickstart a song idea or something to manipulate to add a bit of interest in an already-existing track.

You can both download and preview all the samples on their Bandcamp page. Just click on ‘Buy Digital Album’, write in 0 as the price, click on ‘download to your computer’, and try your best to silence your consciousness at night for the next week. Do keep in mind that this will add you to the company’s mailing list.

GowlerMusic’s website is also worth checking out, as they not only provide a large number of completely free sample packs, but all of their premium stuff only costs something ridiculously low, with most of them as low as £1. That’s literally insane.

More info: Movie Dialogue Vol.2 Sample Pack (available in a wide variety of formats between 4.8 MB and 37.7 MB)

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