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smart:EQ 3 ($129 value) is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for $89 until May, 20th.

Sonible’s smart:EQ 3 is an EQ plugin with a built-in AI engine. The AI engine listens to (learns) your audio and creates a suitable EQ curve. It does so in the same way audio repair tools like iZotope’s RX will learn and process audio according to the settings you choose.

Sonible isn’t the first to create an intelligent automated EQ; there are others like iZotope’s Neutron, but smart:EQ 3 looks to be a little different.

It’s very easy to use if; you are working on a single track; just choose one of the ready-made profiles for keys, bass, drums, etc. Once you have the right profile, hit record, and Smart: EQ 3 will learn from your audio and apply a suitable EQ curve. There are various profiles covering the core instruments, vocals, and even a few speech settings. I didn’t use previous versions of Smart: EQ, but Sonible has improved the workflow, added new profiles and some new features.

You can continue to make your own adjustments beyond the curve generated by the AI.

The thing that makes smart:EQ 3 different is that it’s the world’s first intelligent multi-track EQ. That’s a significant feature because how each track sounds on its own matters very little if they don’t sit well in the mix.

At first sight, I really like the GUI and group workflow for this cross-channel processing. You can add up to 6 tracks/instances to a group and prioritize them in three layers.

In theory, it should take care of any masking issues or any other clashes/problems that come up, leaving you with a well-balanced mix. This feature isn’t just useful for an entire mix; it’s great for mixing groups within the mix, like drums, vocals, etc.

The only thing that matters is the results, and so far, everything I’ve heard sounds better after Smart: EQ 3. However, it’s safe to say opinions on automated plugins or services are mixed.

So, I ask myself two questions about this kind of thing.

Will it help beginners sound better, and will it help more advanced users save valuable time?

For me, the answer to both is a massive yes, providing beginners learn from it, and advanced users don’t rely on it too much.

One of my favorite mastering engineers, Brian Lucey, once told me that mastering is the last human interaction before the music goes out into the world.

Smart AI will always make perfect technical decisions, but sometimes the best decisions are based on human emotion or breaking the rules. It’s essential to keep that human touch.

With that in mind, I do think Smart: EQ 3 looks like a great tool and a step forward from previous versions.

More info: smart:EQ 3 (30% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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