Sony’s PS5 redesign, Nintendo’s Switch success and more Creative Bloq Week in Review

Some weeks it can be difficult to find a common thread or obvious lead story for the Creative Bloq week in review. Others, not so much. Our top story by a country mile this week was the news that Sony admitted it might need to redesign the PS5 console already. It’s to speed up production, you see – which could be great news for the 99.9999% of the population who have tried and failed to get hold of one recently.

Speaking of games console demand, Nintendo has also ramped up production of the Nintendo Switch. But that might not be music to the ears of anybody who is waiting patiently for the much-rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro.

Oh go on, we’ll give you some Apple news too. The folding iPhone (aka iPhone Fold (aka iPhone Flip (aka iPhone Foldy McFlipFace))) is, it seems, finally on the way. And it mighty just change your life (no, I’m not afraid of the odd bold claim).

We also saw a real-life lightsaber. And the world’s only blue McDonald’s arches. And, goodness me, so much more. Make your merry way to our News page for the whole lot.

Daniel Piper
News Editor

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