Generative Ambient Music With A Moog Mother-32

This video captures a track, Orion, by synthesist Claus Gahrn, created with a generative patch on a Moog Mother-32.

Orion is a creative example of getting a lot out of a minimal setup – in this case a Moog Mother-32 patch, sent through the free reverb Valhalla Supermassive.

Here’s what Gahrn shared about the patch:

Assign (set to Step Random) — Mult
Mult 1 — Mix 1
Mult 2 — VCO Mod
KB — Mix 2
VC Mix — VCF Cutoff
LFO Tri — VCF Res
VCO Saw — Ext. Audio

32 note sequence. Sequence playback direction is set to random.