Sensel Expands Express MPE Preset Pack

Sensel, creators of the Morph multi-touch controller, has expanded their free Express MPE sound pack with presets for five additional instruments.

Originally released in January, 2021, Express MPE offers Morph MPE presets for a wide range of synths, including: Xfer Serum, Arturia Pigments, Bitwig Studio, Audio Damage Quanta, Madrona Labs Aalto and Kaivo, and the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth.

Now, Sensel has added presets for Audio Damage Phosphor and Continua, sonicLAB Fundamental, Newfangled Audio Generate and Pendulate, and Vital Audio Vital synths. The sounds range from “indulgent pads to robot-inspired risers to retro digital sounds”, with at least five presets for each title.

The company says that the presets are a masterclass in how to map Pitch Bend, Glide, and Pressure in each of these synths and, by dissecting the patches, you can learn how to get the most from MPE control.

“We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from folks who are using the original Express MPE presets and saw an opportunity to encourage further exploration,” said Sensel’s Peter Nyboer. “MPE is coming to more DAWs and instruments, seemingly every week, and we want to be on the front lines promoting it, while removing barriers to entry.”

The sounds can be used in any MPE-ready host, including Ableton Live 11, Bitwig, StudioOne, Logic, Cubase and others, with any MPE controller.

Here are examples of the Express MPE pack in action:

Here’s a set of videos that demonstrate how to set up MPE with a variety of synths:

See the Sensel site to download.