Get 61% OFF Bass Master Plugin + FREE Expansion Pack

VSTBuzz offers a 61% OFF deal on the Bass Master plugin by Loopmasters + a FREE expansion pack.

Bass Master (€75 value) costs €29 during the 61% OFF deal at VSTBuzz. This offer expires on May 25th.

The instrument is available for macOS and Windows in 64-bit AU and VST formats. It’s worth highlighting for macOS users; Bass Master is not yet officially compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Bass Master is a sample-based virtual instrument that makes it easy to create a wide variety of electronic bass sounds. It’s packed with sampled waveforms but doesn’t have the heavy impact on your CPU that some other multi-sampled instruments do.

It comes with over 350 presets put together by professional sound designers. As well as having a huge number of presets, Bass Master also has a waveform randomization function. Waveform randomization is a great way to get fast results and give you something slightly different from the stock sounds.

The sound comes from 2 sample-based oscillators; top layer and sub-layer. 217 waveforms provide almost 50,000 combinations. The waveforms are taken from a mixture of vintage hardware and modern bass sources.

Every section of the GUI is clean and clear, which makes it very easy to get around. The sections are layers, layer mixer, filter, layer FX, master FX, and MIDI control.

The multi-mode resonant filter has 13 types and a dedicated filter envelope and LFO.

Bass Master has 3 FX engines; distortion, stereo chorus, and reverb send. The most commonly used might be distortion, which has 5 algorithms; desk, drive, fuzz, crush, and dual. The drive knob pushes the signal into the chosen algorithm, and color increases the brightness. The other effects are just as easy to use.

Bass Master by Loopmasters Plugins

A closer look at Bass Master’s streamlined user interface.

In the master effects section, you’ll find the handy frequency booster. A 3-band compressor is used to boost specific frequency areas to beef up your sound.

Bass Master has a good blend of presets and control over your sound. It should get you where you need to be quick while allowing you to put your own stamp on it. If you make electronic music of any kind, you’ll get your money’s worth.

The exclusive VSTBuzz deal includes a free copy of the Dirty Analogue expansion pack with every purchase.

The expansion pack comes with 78 additional waveforms and 105 presets covering a range of bass sounds. The new waveforms were also recorded using a mix of vintage and modern synths; this time, processed through distortion pedals cranked hard into an analog desk for an authentic sound.

More info: Bass Master (60% OFF + FREE expansion pack @ VSTBuzz)

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