5k1n5 abandoned pawtl mine snug cruel

Fiiinally got in to ‘5k1n5’ abandoned skins n hide warehouses after 8 years or so. Been twice before – never got in. Heh. The smell here is very unsettling. There’s thousands of skins in blocks of 100(?) coated, preserved, in beads of congealed fat. Outside in the ‘airing’ part of the facility there are clumps of cattle ear tags on the ground – still attached to the ears and scalps. Gees. With art by pawtl, mine, snug, cruel, uglys, chesso, bmas, cleo, cruel, okay, snug, shuks, og23, menu, dose, sugar, peam, mista, rust (the same one? real old / early style though) even a mayo!!