ANWIDA Soft Offers FREE Tremolo Plugin For macOS & Windows

ANWIDA Soft offers Tremolo, a freeware plugin is available in 64-bit AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

There are two options; you can pay $12 for Tremolo (unregistered), or you can quickly create an account on the ANWIDA Soft website and get it for free. In return for a free plugin, you can expect to receive the ANWIDA Soft newsletter in your inbox, which seems a fair trade to me.

After signing up and verifying your account, log in and visit the “Free Downloads” page in the “My Account” section of the website. This is where you’ll find the download links to Tremolo and SPATIO Light (a freeware reverb plugin we covered recently).

ANWIDA Soft has been busy so far this year, redesigning products, developing Windows versions of existing products, and developing new plugins.

The Tremolo plugin itself is very simple in every sense. It has a simple GUI, simple controls (rate, depth, degree, and level), and it doesn’t try to do more than advertised.

It’s the simple approach that makes ANWIDA Soft plugins appealing. They focus on doing something well without any unnecessary complications.

Despite there being various applications for a Tremolo effect, as a keyboard player, I tend to go straight to a Fender Rhodes sound. It might be fairly obvious, but it just sounds so good.

If I’m using a virtual instrument for that sound, it’s usually Keyscape from Spectrasonics. I actually prefer the Keyscape Rhodes sounds over most of my current hardware options. Although, there are lots of great (and cheaper) electric piano plugins.

Tremolo by ANWIDA Soft

Tremolo is a simple volume modulation plugin by ANWIDA Soft.

I didn’t know anything about ANWIDA Soft before writing this article, which doesn’t really mean anything. But, when a developer is new to me, I like to find out a little about the people behind the plugins.

What we can take from the ANWIDA Soft website is that they seem to have the academic and engineering side down. However, the words that stand out to me most are “artisans” and “by musicians for musicians.”

By musicians for musicians is something we have heard from many developers, but I think it means more to some than others. I like that they are active musicians covering a wide range of musical styles and backgrounds.

I know when you start to throw around words like artisan, it’s easy to think it’s artsy for no good reason. But I think it makes a big difference when plugins are developed from a musical perspective and not just a technical one.

So, I’m looking forward to spending some time with this plugin and finding out how good it is.

Download: Tremolo (1.6 MB download size, EXE installer, 64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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