Been writing out of Singapore in Southeast Asia since 2014. Due to its small geography, high surveillance and extreme laws, it is hard to paint the streets here so I’m focused on developing my pieces mostly.

Travelling, books, and the internet has helped build a bridge into the worldwide style writing culture that is, unfortunately, struggling to survive here. Right now with covid traveling is indefinitely on hold, but diving deep into my letters the past year has been a blessing in disguise.

Being from a younger generation, I have a lot of respect for the dedication of those who constantly challenge and reinvent their letters and have been at it for time. Learning its roots and history and being influenced by the attitudes and perspectives of what has come before has helped me see the bigger picture of where I’m at and take steps towards the vision I have for my work. These days I’m careful not to compare, as each writer and city has their own unique approach towards writing and instead I feel inspired by the energy and progression of those I admire.

Every piece to me is like a letter-based puzzle of abstract lines and forms waiting to be solved.. I guess style is just everyone’s a personal method developed over time. A piece rarely turns out exactly like what I have in mind, and that prospect is both intimidating and exciting. It’s like being addicted to a game with endless possibilities, a journey of exploring and evolving your “style”.

I enjoy the process of discovering my flow and rhythm on the wall and how the lines move and compose themselves unexpectedly; the final result is often a visual manifestation of my state of mind. There are many ideas within graffiti, some I hope to honor in my own way, others I try to challenge. The most important thing to me in graffiti is the freedom to be myself and to paint what represents that best.

Last but not least, a shoutout to my crews, and all whom I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with. Yall know who you are. Till we meet on the wall again..!

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