Do We Need More Style In Modular Synths?

Do we need more style in modular synths?

That’s the question raised by the latest design from designer and craftsman Love Hultén.

Hultén creates custom one-of-a-kind designs that be builds himself and sells via his site.

The MDLR-37 is a custom portable modular synthesizer, divided into four sections. The hand-crafted system folds into a carrier when not in use.

The MDLR-37 is based on existing synths, including: Korg Minilogue, Korg Microkey 37, Meris ENZO, T-Rex Replicator & Doepfer A-199. Hultén completely tranforms them, though, creating a system that looks like more than the sum of its parts.

In comparison, most modular Eurorack systems look like a mish-mash of competing ideas from different people.

Do we need more style in modular synths? Check out the Hultén’s MDLR-37 demo video and share your thoughts in the comments!