Specomp Is A FREE Spectral Analog Compressor By Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession has released Specomp, a free-to-download compressor plugin inspired by the S-Type SSL master bus console compressors.

Learning to use a good analog-sounding compressor is a rite of passage when you’re mixing. It’s one of the three fundamentals together with EQ and Reverb.

And one of the coolest things you can do with an analog compressor (outside of parallel compression) is to slap it onto a mix bus and twiddle some knobs until the whole thing comes alive as a cohesive whole and not just disparate elements.

Friends of the site (check out our recent collaboration called Rare “BPB Edition”) Analog Obsession made their entire product page free-to-download back in 2020 and moved to a donationware model on Patreon.

I’ll be real with you guys – Analog Obsession’s stuff is some of the best around. I’m talking proper top-shelf, first-choice sound. Founder and sole member Rıdvan Küçük has built everything you could ever need. And yes, it’s all free, with optional donations.

Of particular note is a new compressor named the Specomp, an analog emulation taken straight from the legendary SSL console.

Emulations like this have been available for a while, but this one is not only free – it’s also on par with what big companies are offering for double and triple digits. And it sounds great, too.

Specomp really makes things click immediately and adds a nice bit of that classic warm analog saturation, but without darkening the signal too much.

To my ears, it sounds better than some popular paid offerings. Like, objectively and clearly better.

All the settings you’d want from a comp like this are here, and you can click the logo to enable oversampling.

I feel like I need to shout this through cupped hands once more – Analog Obsession’s plugins are some of the best on the market – period – and they’re completely free. And there are tons of them.

I feel like I’m going crazy because this is a level of appreciation and love for the freeware scene that we really only get a couple times a year, if not even less.

If you’re a budget-minded musician, you now have access to freeware that is comparable to premium plugins offered by giants like Waves, Slate Digital, or UAD.

Add free software from Tokyo Dawn Labs, Airwindows, Matt Tytel, and Klanghelm to the mix, and you get an entire music production software collection for free. That’s game-changing.

Go check out the plugin and throw Rıdvan some coins if you feel inclined to do so.

More info: Specomp (4.4MB download size, ZIP archive, available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows & macOS)

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