Yo Im Frost 45 from New Zealand. I’ve been painting since ’99 but changed my name to Frost in 2008…around the time social media blew up, but not quite in time to realize how many other people around the world wrote Frost too haha. So I make a point to add my number 45 to separate myself from them. I have weighed up switching names again but that’s pretty luggage.
I represent one crew, IK, which I formed in 2001 with my main men at the time UNO and ASEN. Now we are a crew of 12 or so and we have a fairly large fingerprint in our scene.
I love living down here in New Zealand…such a beautiful country. Graffiti wise our scene changes face quite a lot. I’m fortunate to have been introduced to graff here relatively early in the scene (in the grand scheme)… I caught the very end of the golden era which was a very significant time for our history.
Style-wise I like to have a fairly large pallet, cos you never know how much time you’ll get on a spot, so you have to adapt. That, and I’d get bored doing the same shit all the time. I don’t feel I’m too influenced by certain writers style-wise, but cats who get up heavy, mad dedicated, certainly influence me and motivate me to keep doing what we do. Ie NEKST 🙏
Shout out to my crew 🍻🍻

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