Mosaic Intros New Line Of 1U Eurorack-Compatible Synth Modules

California-based synth maker Mosaic has introduced a new line of 1U height synth modules, including sound source, filter, FX, modulation and utility modules.

“We believe that 1U is an immensely useful, yet untapped format within modular synthesis,” the company says. “Mosaic aims to fill the gaps between your 3U rows with powerful, intuitive, and thoughtful 1U solutions.”

1U is not a standard modular format at this point, but several manufacturers, including Intellijel, SYINSI, Pulp Logic and Ritual Electronics, have released 1U height modules that are compatible with Eurorack power supplies and voltages.

Mosaic’s modules are compatible with Intellijel’s take on the 1U format. Intellijel’s specification is to essentially mirror the Eurorack mechanical specifications set by Doepfer, but with a 1U (1.75″) panel height.

Mosaic says that they also plan to offer alternate panels in the Pulp Logic format for $15/each.

The company’s initial lineup includes the modules needed to create a complete 1U synth voice, several drum voice modules, delay and reverb modules and several utilities.

Pricing and Availability

Mosaic’s modules are available now to pre-order, with most of their modules priced around $100-$150. They plan to start shipping in June 2021.