Nonlinear Labs C15 MIDI Synthesizer Review

In his latest gear review, Martin Stimming takes a look at the latest project of Native Instruments founder Stephan Schmitt, the Nonlinear Labs C15.

Video Summary:

The C15 is a polyphonic instrument, based on digital sound synthesis, and provides users with boundless sonic possibilities. The instrument was initially designed for real time performance by trained musicians and therefore Nonlinear Labs decided to craft the synth without MIDI when it came out. This was often criticized, the company has since taken this on board and now offers the synth with MIDIU capability. For those who own one already, it can be retrofitted.

Stimming has been a proud owner of the C15 for quite some time now and has used it in many of his productions. We thought it’d be a good time to cover this one, now with the midi implementation it’s opened up the machine to a wider audience and is a truly intriguing synth capable of producing a broad spectrum of sounds from organic and acoustic to experimental and electronic.

Check out Stimming’s review and share your thoughts on the C15 in the comments!