I write SESM 1 from Miami Fl. My family moved to Hollywood Fl in 99 where I was introduced to graffiti. I attended a high school full of writers where I started painting a lot with DEBT and a homie I knew since middle school ETYNIK. A couple of years later I linked up with POCK167(RIP) and began to take graff more seriously. I learned a lot thru Pock about crews, styles, and the politics of graff and also got a thirst to paint freights. My style started out wildstyle influenced and in later years has become more legible and focused on colors. I took a break from graff for about ten years to find most of the writers I came up with no longer did graff, so started a crew XCEL and been rocking with them every since. I am motivated by a need to create and also destroy. The beauty of graffiti to me is that it doesn’t last forever and that it also brings people together that would never exist in the same realm otherwise. Big up MDR Big up BombingScience and beware of culture vultures …

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