Black Corporation Intros Jupiter-8 Inspired ISE-NIN Synthesizer

Boutique synth maker Black Corporation has announced a new analog synthesizer, inspired by the classic Roland Jupiter-8, the ISE-NIN.

The company has previous released three well-respected analog synth modules, Deckard’s Dream, Kijimi, & Xerxes. Each is an original design that takes inspiration from a classic analog synthesizer.

Designer Roman Filippov shared the news via social media:

“It’s been a while since the last BC poly synth release. Please meet ISE-NIN.

Coming later this year, with a full MPE support and micro tuning by ODDSound MTS-ESP!

Preorders will start next week on our website.”

The name, ISE-NIN, is not a shout out to Nine Inch Nails, but to Russian poet Sergei Yesenin.

Details are to come at the Black Corporation site.