Accusonus Voice Changer A Powerful Virtual Sound Designer For Sculpting Voice Tracks

Accusonus has introduced Voice Changer, an all-in-one virtual sound designer for applying effects to voice.

Voice Changer is comprised of three individually-customizable elements: character, environment, and effect:

  • Character – from trailer narrations to monsters, robots to anime protagonists – content can require varying characters, in turn requiring varying voices.
  • Environment – users can leap out of their studio, and lay out a fresh landscape beneath their voice. ‘Record’ inside a stadium, rainstorm, cave, airport, bathroom – anywhere.
  • Effect – regular microphones can become anything with this module. Emulate walkie-talkie chatter, a radio, vintage-style news broadcasts, space transmissions, and more.

Accusonus provides a wide range of presets, and users can create their own voices from scratch, then save them for future use.

Pricing and Availability

Voice Changer is available now for $4.99/month or as part of Accusonus’s Creative and Post-Production Suites. A demo version is also available.