KRACO is a graffiti artist currently living in Ile de France.
His crew: TWE.
His art school was that of the street, self-taught, tagger in his beginnings, already marking his revolt and its difference, with regard to the world around it. On the walls, he developed a style influenced by his time, the New York graffiti scene, calligraphy and wildstyle. On canvas, as a contemporary artist, his work radiates an energy significant, mixing techniques, playing with materials and contrasts.
Kraco composes his works in freestyle (spontaneous free style), he creates a disorder then he structures and deconstructs …
Why man, why life? …
This simple question sums up as many questions as they raise questions.
and problems. Pollution, death, money, work, love, why?
Today his expression on canvas is an integral part of his work. And the research of materials and colors is permanent. He continues to engrave his name and colors in different places, media… and participates in events related to HIP HOP culture (live show, battle, video clip, …), as well as performances in festivals in France and in Europe (Paris Hip
Hop, Hip Hop Dome, Meeting of Styles of Milan, …)

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