Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer Update Adds USB MIDI Connectivity & More

Nonlinear Labs has announced a major update for its C15 synthesizer that adds USB MIDI connectivity, an internal digital audio recorder and more.

They’ve also introduced a new accessory, the MIDI Bridge, for connecting the c15 directly to a computer.

USB MIDI Features:

  • Transmits and receives notes, positions of the Hardware Controls, Program Changes
  • Up to 90 parameters can be modulated via the Macro Controls
  • 14-bit resolution for Note Velocities and for Controls available
  • Separate MIDI Channels for Split zones and Parts of the synth engine available
  • Local On/Off

Recording features:

  • Loss-free digital recording of the stereo output signal
  • FLAC-compressed storage of the last hours (at least 80 min) of playing
  • Auto-start when the C15 is booted (optional)
  • Visualization in the browser and play-back controls
  • Download of the selected segment as FLAC or WAV file
  • The sound parameters at any point of the timeline can be restored
  • Complete information about the presets used in the session

Details are available at the Nonlinear Labs site.