Studio Electronics has introduced the SE-3X, a a three-voice paraphonic synth, inspired by the classic Minimoog, but offering full MIDI control and four discrete, classic hardware filters.

The SE-3X is an evolution of one of the company’s first products, the SE-1(x). It was based largely on the Minimoog, but also incorporated features from other classic analogs, and added patch storage and extensive MIDI control.

The SE-3X features four analog filters, letting you create sounds from a whole collection of vintage analog gear:

  • SE Classic 24dB Moog;
  • SE Classic 24dB ARP;
  • SE Classic Juno/Jupiter: 4 modes: 24dB, 12dB, Mix; and
  • SE Classic 12dB Oberheim: filter incorporates Low Pass & Band Pass modes.

Here’s what’s new in the SE-3X:

  • Software:
    • Exponential glide routine from the OMEGA and the original linear glide.
    • OMEGA / SE-02 Envelope routines in addition to the original linear & magical quasi-exponential Envelopes.
    • Panel control for Oscillator Mix.
    • Panel control for Oscillator 2 & 3 Fine Tune.
    • LFO Gate from our BOOMSTAR / MIDIMINI V30
    • Spice and “poly” nice nice: Paraphonic Mode: for easy and electric 3X chords and colors.
  • Hardware:
    • Two fuzz modes: 70s & 90s. Front panel switchable.
    • RESONANT FILTER COLLECTION: 24 dB MINI, 24 dB ARP, 24dB, 6dB, “Mix Mode” JUNO/JUPITER. SEM remains the built-in filter. Front panel switchable.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Studio Electronics SE-3X is available now for $2199 USD.

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