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I’m Rile, a Lebanese graffiti writer, been in the game since 2009, I wasn’t so active back then, but things changed in 2014, when I started painting regularly and I involved graffiti in everything, it became more of a lifestyle, I moved to London in January 2021, and there’s a lot to learn from this amazing scene.

From the beginning, I was influenced by 3D graffiti style masters for the likes of DAIM, Mr TOTEM, PEETA, and also from Lebanese graffiti artists such as ARDER and ZED40.

I’m also a graphic designer, animator, and illustrator, which is reflected in my style, I always try to include characters in my pieces and give the whole piece a bit of movement.

Graffiti is a never-ending process, I always try to push forward and develop my style more and more, inspiration is everywhere but trying to stay unique and original is what is important, “always be inspired but never copy” cheers!

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