Adobe reveals a logo for every star sign (and they’re all delightful) Adobe star sign logos

Adobe has form on social media, with the official Photoshop account keeping us entertained with all manner of hilarious graphic design-based jokes during lockdown. But the brand’s latest social media endeavour is a rather more wholesome (and astrological) affair. 

Adobe is currently sharing a new illustration every month, imagining the 12 star signs in various creative formats, from logos to colour swatches. Each visual is rendered in a delightfully retro style – and some of those logos wouldn’t look out of place on our best logos roundup.

The illustrations come courtesy of art director and self-confessed “astrology lover” Berlin Michelle, whose ingenious ideas for the 12 signs include rendering them as creative minds, mediums and more. See some of our favourite examples below.

Dubbed #CreativeHoroscopes, Adobe’s series is a fun take on the zodiac signs, and the cheerful illustrations are bound to appeal to even the most ardent astrology sceptic.

From exposing designers’ worst Photoshop habits to cracking the best (Photoshop-based) joke of 2020, Adobe’s approach to social media has been appropriately light-hearted during a year that’s been, shall we say, a little challenging. If the company’s creative horoscopes have inspired you to get illustrating, check out the best Adobe deals available now, and find more Creative Cloud offers below. 

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