Polyphony In Eurorack Modular Synthesis

Polyphony in modular synthesis used to mean multitracking multiple independent monophonic synth lines. Musicians like Wendy Carlos used modulars to create individual synthesized voices, which were layered to create polyphonic textures.

But in recent years, new modules and the increasing affordability of modules have made it possible to easily create chords within your system, bringing new performance and compositional options to modular synthesists.

In the latest Perfect Circuit video, ‘Patch Pals’ Wes and Jacob take a look at module options like the Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core oscillator, which gives you 16 MIDI-controllable voices and the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, which lets you create chords. They also talk about effects modules that allow you to create polyphonic textures, like loopers and delays.

While the demos are all done with a Eurorack system, many of the ideas can be applied equally to Moog format systems.