Tilde~Q Is A FREE Tilt EQ VST3 Plugin By Shameless Plugs

Shameless Plugs releases Tilde~Q, a freeware tilt equalizer in VST3 plugin format for 64-bit digital audio workstation software on Windows.

Tilde~Q is the first-ever plugin released by Shameless Plugs. It is a simple yet powerful and well-made tilt EQ audio effect.

Unlike parametric and graphic equalizers which are more suitable for precise frequency correction, tilt equalizers are optimized for broad tonal changes. It’s the type of EQ you’d want to apply to a sound that can be described as being “too dark,” “too dull,” or “too thin.”

A single twist of the tilt EQ knob will drastically alter the audio source’s frequency response. It will attenuate the low end while boosting the higher frequencies and vice-versa.

Tilde~Q features a simple interface with three control knobs: the Tilt EQ control and a pair of filter cutoff knobs for controlling the 24 dB/oct high-pass and low-pass filters. The two filters are a welcome addition, allowing the user to clean up the extreme lows and highs while adjusting the overall balance with the Tilt EQ control.

So far, though, nothing about Tilde~Q really stands out compared to most other EQ plugins on the market. But the developers at Shameless Plugs indicate that the real value is hidden below the hood in this case.

According to the developers, Tilde~Q sports an ultra-precise EQ curve that is “virtually linear over the complete audio spectrum.” As such, the plugin doesn’t provide a “center frequency” control fount in most other tilt equalizers.

This definitely sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to testing Tilde~Q ib my DAW. It seems like it could quickly become one of my go-to music production software tools.

Tilde~Q features a simple interface with three control knobs.

Tilde~Q features a simple interface with three control knobs.

Check out the Tilde~Q product page on Shameless Plugs’ website for more info about the controls and several usage scenario suggestions like mastering, buss processing, etc. There’s an interesting section that describes an emphasis/de-emphasis technique that can be achieved with two instances of Tilde~Q.

Tilde~Q is available for free download via Shameless Plugs. The software is compatible with 64-bit DAW applications on Windows.

A forthcoming paid version of the plugin will introduce additional features, including gain compensation, a mix control, a bypass switch, and more.

Download: Tilde~Q (1.56 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST3 plugin format for Windows)

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