SIKOE – At the age of 16 I initially came into contact with graffiti through an old friend. He became a mentor of sorts in my first years and had a massive impact on my style and the composition of my letters. It is also through him, that I got to know then established sprayers such as the SUK Crew and Berlin-based Shaw, Kacao and GFA, that became role-models to my own ambitions.
My first real piece by can got conducted when I was 18 years old. Before that my focus was on sketching and I drew a lot of all-over blackbook pieces, which turned out to be very useful experience to refine my skill.
Some time along I was admitted into my first crew, that almost exclusively engaged in streetbombing. After a phase of “damaging the whole city” I was busted for the first and sole time. After that incident and several court hearings I was fed up with bombing and moved on to hall and commissional work.
Looking back this phase was a catalyst for my technical development in the handling of the can. Also the more widespread availabilty of international artwork influenced my style in a new direction. Inspiring names were MSK, AWR, Heavy Artillery, the TMD Crew with Berst, Askew und Phat, but also a variety of comics and mangas/anime had an impact on me. Between 2007 and 2013 through these influences and via collaborations with writers such as Mr. Quatro, Crek (Dubs Crew), Bond Tru Luv, KOT (Heidelberg) a multitude of concept walls came into being that laid the foundation to my aspiration for holistically elaborated wall compositions, which is crucial to my work to this day.
After an intermission of about 6 years, in which I concentrated my attention on my career in design (corporate design, 2D/3D motion design) I returned to my passion for graffiti during the first lockdown in April 2020. My intense involvement with design in all of it’s facets altered and enhanced my interaction with the wall.
Today I use colours differently and the approach to the structure of my pieces shifted to an intensified phase of preparation in which I give a lot of thought on colour patterns and let myself be inspired by various aspects of art and design.
What keeps me hooked after all this time and will hopefully keep doing so for years to come is the thirst for creating something new, my amibition to spray improved, breathtaking walls, meeting like-minded writers and designers and a drive for constant progress.

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