Bassaker 808 By Beat Magazine Is FREE For A Limited Time

Audio Plugin Deals offers the Bassaker 808 plugin by Beat Magazine FREE for a limited time.

Bassaker 808 (€14.99 value) is available for macOS and Windows in 64-bit AU and VST formats.

The plugin is relatively straightforward; it’s a collection of 155 kicks, subs, and 808s with some tweaking options. The GUI has a few sections, starting with Preset selection.

Once you have a preset loaded, you can start to shape it further via the Envelope, LFO, and Instrument sections.

The Envelope section has just two simple controls, Attack and Release. The LFO section is similar, with controls for LFO Rate and LFO Depth.

With these kinds of sounds, you don’t really need to add lots of crazy effects to have a big impact. So, whether you are looking for something that adds weight to another sound or something that hits hard on its own, you should be able to get it with Bassaker 808.

The Instrument section has four control knobs: Pan, Gain, Pitch, and Glide. These controls give you a little more ability to blend the sound in your mix or make it pop out.

You can play all of the preset sounds chromatically to create melodic content. If you are using it melodically, the Pitch and Glide controls can often make it more interesting. Sometimes it’s good to take some of the harshnesses away or even detune slightly, depending on the feel you want to achieve.

Downloading Bassaker 808 doesn’t take too long. When you complete the free transaction on AudioPlugin Deals, you’ll receive a code by email. You are then directed to use that code on the ZamplerSounds store to download the plugin for free (the download is a .rar file that you’ll have to extract).

There are a million options when it comes to 808s, and most of them are good enough. Whether you use a specific plugin or library as your go-to choice, use stock sounds or process them further, you get the job done.

I look at Bassaker 808 like I look at quality sample packs. I might already have a million options, but a million and one won’t do me any harm. Plus, it’s something that can give you quality sounds quickly, and that’s important.

If you want to get Bassaker 808 free, you’ve got till June 25th.

More info: Bassaker 808 (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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