Synth Design With Arturia

Ever wonder where your synths come from, what inspired them and what decisions shaped their features?

The latest episode of the Synth Design Podcast features Sébastien Rochard, Senior Product Manager at Arturia. discussing the origin of some of their most popular designs. Host Roey Tsemah talks with Rochard about the origin and development of gear like the Keystep, the MiniBrute 2 and the MicroFreak.

Episode Summary:

“Designing an open-ended instrument is a complex challenge. Open ended means flexible, and the more flexible an instrument is, the more complex it can become. It’s a designer’s role to strike the perfect balance. To deliver an inspiring instrument that allows creative expression, and at the same time make it easy enough to learn and memorize.

In this deep dive conversation Sébastien Rochard, senior product manager at Arturia, shares his design process. Analyzing various sketches and prototypes of the Microfreak and Minibrute II, and even revealing a cardboard prototype…”