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Hello! Nice to meet you my name is Dave, I’m an Italian artist born in Milano. I started to paint in 2006/2007 more or less in North Italy outside Milano. I moved to Spain and then to England after a lot of travel in Europe for fun doing graffiti everywhere during the first 6 months here in London. This is my base for the moment quite chaotic city full of concurrence but this is a nice challenge that keeps me busy and alive. I love graffiti and my favorite artists are from different parts of the world. In Italy where I was born in Milano, The Damage Kids were hitting the wall every day. When I moved to Spain I stopped a bit but I really like Toren and Bonet really creative and skillful artists.
Then I moved here to Uk and this world that I discovered went to big as here in this city there are a lot of different people from around the world. I really like Roids and Aroe from Mad Society Kings and overseas in America Revok is smashing the new wall with a new style every week. Does, Bond (true love) 1UP crew Dvate in Australia and many more these people are for me the legends of the real writing history how to forget Dare and Treeze. People that I never met but their artwork are still talking for them. All things are influencing me, nature skyline, colours, pattern etc.
About my style, i leave it to you to judge as I m jumping from realism/ surreal art, landscape or abstract art, animals or letters. My idea is to become a 360 degrees artist and be able to satisfy my client in all their different request. All the rest are just simple words that are waiting to become reality. Everything starts from the mind our inner consciousness and if something is difficult will be easy with practice. More practice better results and not being too lazy as I’m always trying to evolve and experiment myself and my artwork with different and new technics. All the rest I will leave to you for judgment.

Here you can have a look at my artwork: @Dave_plants or my online gallery where you can buy t-shirts, prints, canvases and other original artworks


Bombing Science Street Art

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