My art name is SABOTER, I was born and raised in Switzerland. I introduced myself to graffiti art back in 2001, starting with trains and not legal walls murals graffiti writing. I was influenced by big crews like MOAS, PURE HATE, WUFC…thanks to the photos I saw in graffiti art magazines, books, and the first DVD of the graffiti scene, but also influenced by the big names of the American old school scene like BATES or CAN2. I always had and still have a big attraction for the urban, trains stationed, abandoned buildings of industries businesses. Right now I still find myself greatly inspired by them. After some years of no legal graffiti artworks I closed that door, I closed that world and started with my first original wildstyle sketches production trying to focus primarily on the form. I would like, i have a great desire to travel more and leave my mark my signature of my transit in the big cities connected and vital in this magic art world. I would like to know other artists and collaborate with them. I really appreciate a lot active writers still producing graffiti artworks in the world wide scale, in many different countries that keep alive that style that reconnect itself with the old school or with the more classical lettering like for example TASTE. The new school is not really into my focusing mindset because from my personal point of view it is too far away from the origin of this art discipline. My favorite writer is DARE, a swiss writer, and a true legend!

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