"Life-changing" iPhone hack revealed in viral TikTok video iOS 15

You’ll find many things on TikTok, from dancing to, er, more dancing. You’ll also find, if you look hard enough, some pretty cool iOS hacks on the platform – and the latest viral video has revealed a feature we didn’t even realise was possible.

If you’ve ever wanted to schedule a text message on your iPhone, it turns out you can thanks to the iPhone’s built in Shortcuts app. Yep, as much as we might think we know the best camera phones, seems there’s always something new to learn.


Did you know you could do this? 🤯

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As Frank McShan‘s video (above) shows, the process is pretty simple. All you have to do is create a ‘personal automation’ in the Shortcuts app. Here, users can chose a specific time of day to automate a message. And by toggling off the “ask before running” popup, the message can be sent with zero input from the user.

Scheduling a text message might seem a pretty niche function, but there could be plenty of uses, especially when it comes to reminders. And it’s clear from Twitter that iPhone users have been crying out for a schedule message function for a while:

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The clip has already been viewed more than 1M times on TikTok, with commenters calling the hack “incredible,” “life-changing,” and, yes, “mind-blowing”. While we wouldn’t go quite that far, it’s always fun to discover new functionality on a device we use every day. The iPhone 13 might sound incredible, but will it be able to schedule text messages? (Unless Apple pulls the plug on this particular shortcut, we have a feeling it will).

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