Variety Of Sound 64-bit Public Beta Is Coming In July! 😍

Variety Of Sound announced that their products will soon be available in 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows as part of a public beta test.

There’s zero doubt that Variety Of Sound is among the best freeware plugin developers on the market. The plugins took inspiration from analog hardware, but Herbert Goldberg (the developer behind Variety Of Sound) always offered a unique take on analog emulation.

Chances are, though, that you may have never heard of Variety Of Sound plugins. How come?

Variety Of Sound was all the rage on the free VST plugin scene in the early 2010s, but their products were never updated to be compatible with 64-bit digital audio workstations.

As the digital audio world slowly but surely transitioned to 64-bit operating systems, Variety Of Sound got less and less attention. Even so, they remain among the favorite tools for many producers, myself included. FerricTDS is still my favorite tape emulation plugin ever and I’ve tried them all.

The fact that FerricTDS might soon be available as a 64-bit VST plugin for Windows already makes me feel ecstatic about the public beta that is announced for July 2021. Let alone that all other Variety Of Sound plugins will get the same 64-bit treatment.

Another fact worth pointing out is that Variety Of Sound confirmed that their products will remain freeware. Although I honestly wish that a pay what you want option will be available so that we can support and appreciate Variety Of Sound’s amazing work.

As stated in the official announcement on Variety Of Sound’s website, the public beta should begin in July 2021. The developer is looking for free cloud space storage to “offer hassle-free downloads without any traffic/bandwidth limits (or advertising).”

As someone who maintains the BPB Downloads page and 99Sounds, I know how difficult it can be to find decent file storage for free. I would suggest trying Gumroad, Patreon, or a little-known host called Payhip.

And of course, I would gladly offer to host any Variety Of Sound plugins on Bedroom Producers Blog, for free.

Looking forward to the Variety Of Sound 64-bit beta! True fanboy style! 😍

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