Yo & Greetings! This is Koce from Dublin, Ireland. I discovered graffiti writing back in 2006 seeing and taking notice up until 2008 then starting sketching in 2008 when I was very young which progressed to painting properly in 2011, and from then taking note and being properly aware and writing on the scene! I got very inspired when I seen very good writers like Crept Dpk, Text, Grift, Cisto, Rask, Pot, Feck, Jude, Magik and Roche with many more to name killing it in my city… thanks to the motorways, city centre walls, flickr and books I saw and became very influenced from all their styles and styles from around the world! I feel really grateful to be painting today as I knew from day one I’m in it for the long haul and since young I was always fascinated by the positive vibes and connections that can be made through this, it’s a different type of connection that just keeps growing! My style would be very much influenced this way too, from looking at graff books and videos day in and day out with the internet to follow and to mention graffiti jams, I knew it was important to be influenced by a new skool style of approach!

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