Fascinating video shows every iPhone iOS reveal ever iOS reveal

Though Apple’s iOS is subject to a flurry of tweaks every time there’s a new version, the frequency of updates can sometimes make the advances in tech feel more incremental than revolutionary. So it’s easy to forget just how groundbreaking the iPhone was when it was first launched 14 years ago, how far it’s come since and how much innovation Apple has actually unleashed onto the world of technology.

But a new video has been compiled, which shows every iOS reveal since its inception – all packed into an illuminating 15 minutes. From the gasps of wonder at the first demonstration of how to use your finger to scroll, to the excitement over Apple Pay, this is a delightful jaunt through the impressive evolution of iOS over the years. Take a look at the video below then check out these stunning iOS app icon designs for more Apple-related design.

The video, put together by CNET, reminds us all of a time before apps were a thing and you couldn’t unlock your phone with any body part at all, let alone a choice of two. As well as a roundup of tech and functionality, it’s fascinating to have classic Apple design, including typography, put side-by-side like this. 

Retro iOS design was so irresistible to some enterprising folk they felt compelled to create apps to replicate it. If you’d like to restore your own iPhone to a previous iteration of iOS, get this app to bring back iOS 4. Or bring retro ’80s Mac design to your iOS homescreen with this glorious app.

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