Low Frequency Expander Hands-On Demo

In his latest video, synthesist Starsky Carr takes an in-depth look at the Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander 3.0, a hardware modulation source for synthesizers.

The LFE is designed to give you 3 complex LFOs, a 6-stage envelope, sequencer and arpeggiator and more. While it’s designed to coordinate with the Sequential Prophet or OB-6, it can work with anything that accepts MIDI CC.

Topics covered:

0:00 intro
4:44 Hardware
6:31 MIDI Connection
7:13 Main Operation
9:42 Envelope/Sequencer
16:52 LFO 1&2
20:54 LFO Delay and Fade
22:40 Mult
23:53 LFO 3
25:46 Arp
27:34 Sub & Voice Modes
29:06 Selective Note Aftertouch
30:15 MPE
33:04 CC Synth – Super 6
35:16 Final Thoughts

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