POVE – I’ve been an artist my entire life, as for me at an early age I fell in love with graffiti when I first saw it driving by a yard in the family car whole car after whole car coming out of a yard in NYC, im an original NYC subway outlaw I started out by tagging the insides when I was 10 in 1976 , some friends and I would go buy these little crappie markers and jump the turn style and go motion bombing. About 1980 is when I started hitting the outside of the subway and was a toy at first, I remember the Dondi whole cars rock stars mark 198 fritos boots 119 duel the Cap on everything back to backs I did learn some things from my old boy sase rip then later on I got some style from poem duster seen i combined them into my own, I’ve progressed in style over the years reshaping improving keeping up with the new era at the time, I’ve had my styles stolen my crew name sold behind my back I’ve had people who thought I wasn’t to sharp to notice, I know im the father of many big names in the Game They can’t front its ok cause real recognize real im never going to stop I’ll pop up out of no where and will remove any obstacles in my way no matter who or what, thank you for this opportunity 💯 Love Pove 1 Gu Graffiti Unlimited. Let me not forget my boy Tracy 168 wild style man’s a pioneering legend a little older than me, yet the inventor of Wild style the original, thanks for always being a good friend Wild style

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