My name is Luispak and I’m an Italian nighttime painter, graffiti writer, graphic designer, illustrator, was born in 1984 in Salerno, Italy. An early fan of comics and drawing, I came up, only 13 years old, into the world of writing, choosing my path in a continuous study of signature and a constant search for an artistic identity until the foundation, in 1999, of the “Drak” crew.
By mixing all of my experiences I put on wall feelings, experiences and dreams, in search of style, form, and typefaces styling. My formation is rich in nuances. I studied graphic design, design for cartoonists, and arts. My art is in fact the result of a mixture of concepts and different techniques.
Among the many artists I have been influenced by I can’t fail to mention Leonardo Da Vinci, Escher, Dalì and Bosch. Among legendary writers I Can’t forget: Seen, Vulcan, Phase2, Daim, Seak, Korvo, Blef, SirTwo, ZedOne, Etam cru, Dado, ShaOne, Boost, Kaf, Zar. These are legends in my eyes, each one is special in his own way, they have all been a huge influence on me.

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