Siena Free Is Your FREE Summer Gift From Acustica Audio

Acustica Audio announced that the Sienna Free listening environment emulation plugin is available as a free download until October 1st, 2021.

Sienna Free is the lightweight edition of Acustica Audio’s flagship Sienna ($149) plugin which emulates a wide range of high-end studio monitors, headphones, and control rooms.

The free edition of Sienna contains the Sienna Rooms plugin, the HOG SUN218 Sub room, and over 180 famous brand-name headphone emulations. It doesn’t include the other control rooms (Acustica’s control room and Spitfire mastering studio) and high-end monitor emulations featured in the full edition of the software.

Keep in mind that Acustica Audio suggests that Sienna Free shouldn’t be installed if you already own the full version of Sienna. There’s no benefit to installing it, and it might cause a downgrade of the full edition.

Sienna Free is easy to use, thanks to its streamlined three-knob interface. Once a particular model of emulated headphones is selected, the user can fine-tune the emulation depth and adjust the input/output gain.

The plugin also lets you save preset and store multiple settings for easy recall and comparison. It’s a fairly simple workflow with next to no learning curve.

One minor caveat here is that I always found Acustica Audio’s software a bit cumbersome to install. It all works out fine eventually, but the installation process is somewhat convoluted (your mileage may vary).

On the other hand, I think Acustica Audio develops some of the best hardware emulations on the market. They’re using a unique kind of “dynamic impulse response” technology to capture the characteristics of hardware gear and translate them into plugin format.

They’re well known for providing high-quality equalizer and compressor emulations, so it’s nice to see Acustica Audio making something different this time.

Sounds interesting? OK, here’s how to get Sienna Free.

In short, you should download and install the Aquarius download manager from Acustica Audio’s website, log in using your Acustica Audio account credentials, then download and activate the Sienna Free plugin.

If you activate Sienna Free before October 1st, it’s yours to keep forever, for free. Nice!

Here’s how Acustica Audio describes the full version of Sienna:

“Sienna (Volume A) is an Acqua plug-in suite in VST, AU, AAX formats. It recreates the same listening experience as if you were mixing in top-tier studios, mastering in audiophile-grade rooms, or playing back your tracks on HI-FI systems, car stereos, boomboxes, and more, all through your headphones.”

Sienna Free should work in and VST, AU, or AAX plugin host on Windows and macOS.

Download: Sienna Free (VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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